Designing Future Optical Wireless Communication Networks



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[Aston Research:] other colleagues at Aston are becoming involved in Free Space Optics collaborative work on another EU programme:
[Aston Research:]
Son T. Le, T. Kanesan, F. Bausi, P. A. Haigh, S. Rajbhandari, Z. Ghassem-looy, I. Papakonstantinou, W. O. Popoola, A. Burton, H. Le Minh, F. Cacial-li, and A. D. Ellis, “10 Mb/s visible light transmission system using a polymer light-emitting diode with orthogonal frequency division multiplexing”, Optics letters, Vol. 39, No. 13, 01.07.2014, p. 3876-3879. [URL:].
[Aston Research:]
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